Zero-Carbon Grid Orchestration

Our grid orchestration platform provides system-wide visibility and advanced control for the distributed energy future.
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Real-Time Monitoring
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Analytics and Forecasting
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Advanced Control for Local Resources
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Scheduling and Markets Infrastructure


Community-led grid management.

Through our next generation software platform, we strive to empower utilities and energy providers to address the challenges of today while laying the foundation for tomorrow.

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Who We Serve

We equip grid operators to orchestrate an increasingly complex grid.

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Serve the evolving goals of members by cutting costs and safely integrating distributed energy resources through real-time visibility and control.

Co-op and Muni solutions
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Lower operating costs, identify high-value investments, and transition to a low-carbon grid using a platform that actively engagements distributed energy resources.

IOU solutions
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Generation & Transmission Providers

Foster a new era of member-G&T collaboration by coordinating dispatch of distributed resources to serve both local and system-wide needs.

G&T solutions
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State-of-the-art visibility and control.

Our software utilizes proven artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources to create always-on grid visibility and orchestration.

Increase situational awareness.

Aggregate data from multiple sources to create a robust, multi-dimensional view of current and near-future grid conditions.

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Forecast and

Easily model local resources alongside market-procured power to inform procurement, scheduling, and flexibility.

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Unlock local grid resources.

Leverage local resources for grid services such as load shifting or voltage support by providing incentives and market-based payments to community members.

Simplify grid management.

Camus Energy's integrative platform can handle it all, from shaving peaks and reducing backflow to wholesale market integration and power supply planning.


We build software that is scalable and secure.


Software as a Service.

With software as a service, utilities subscribe to reliable, secure, cloud-based software hosted by Camus. Instead of quickly becoming obsolete, our tools regularly evolve to tackle new challenges and scale to your needs.


Protect your critical infrastructure.

Our zero trust model authenticates each user or subsystem through multi-channel mechanisms, such as two-factor authentication, and provides explicit access to only a limited set of systems.


Leverage an open source foundation.

With open source software, vendors collaborate and design new solutions and features, resulting in a dynamic, evolving platform for managing complex grid environments.

Kit Carson Electric Coop

$10M+ annual savings and enhanced visibility.

When Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) announced the ambitious goal of achieving 100% daytime solar by the end of 2022, they needed to improve visibility and control over grid assets to effectively scale up renewable capacity.

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