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The challenge of transforming our grid is a big one.

Managing a distributed grid requires real-time awareness of diverse devices – from smart meters and home batteries to reclosers and transformers. Existing grid management tools lack the visibility and network awareness that distribution utilities will come to need.

Our approach is different. We provide grid-wide, real-time visibility and network optimization, inclusive of utility-owned and customer devices. Leveraging distributed computing, our monitoring and controls technology enables operators to reliably and securely manage grid conditions, scaling to nearly infinite distributed devices.

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Integrate disparate data sources.

Select modules to fit your needs.

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Manage ten devices or ten million.

Leverage proven technology.

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Protect with zero trust security.

Stay safe with regular updates.


The simplicity and security of cloud-based control.

With GMaaS, utilities subscribe to reliable, secure cloud-based tools hosted by a third-party.

We employ the proven advantages of software as a service (SaaS) to manage the grid with Grid Management Software as a Service (GMaaS).

Instead of on-premise software that quickly becomes outdated, GMaaS provides utilities with tools that evolve to tackle new challenges.

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Scale with simplicity.

Grow from monitoring and controlling hundreds of assets to millions. Our cloud software employs distributed computing principles to handle massive data sets and run complex simulations quickly and accurately.

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Always up-to-date.

Our cloud-based updates are automatic, with no downtime or additional costs, so you’ll always have access to the latest tools.

Open Source

Gain the freedom to build the tools you want.

Our open source foundation enables utilities to collaborate, innovate, and customize solutions to meet unique and evolving needs with forward compatibility and full flexibility.  

We’ve seen the power of open source to transform other industries. We believe that collaboration will create more value for all involved and unlock the sustainable, decentralized energy ecosystem of the future.

Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Protect infrastructure from cyber threats with end-to-end security.

Our zero trust cybersecurity model authenticates each user or subsystem through multi-channel mechanisms and provides explicit access to only a limited set of systems.

This end-to-end security approach protects your infrastructure better than relying upon a firewall or VPN, which focus solely on keeping bad actors out while leaving internal services exposed to those inside the security boundary.

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