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The Climate Impact of Camus

Authored by:
Astrid Atkinson
Last Updated: 
May 23, 2024

At a startup, the days can easily get away from you. Whether engineering new capabilities or working with utility partners to scale DER programs–our team is so focused on what’s in front of us that we often forget to celebrate the positive impact we’re making on decarbonizing our power system.

This month, our team’s climate contributions were celebrated, along with our cohort mates by Congruent Ventures, a lead investor in Camus Energy, in its newly released 2023 Impact Report. Congruent is an essential investor and partner for Camus, co-leading our $25 million Series A funding rounds. The venture capital firm is responsible for supporting some of the most innovative climate technology solutions in the market, and we’re honored to be among them. Camus is in good company, featured among leaders in clean agriculture, mobility, urbanization, and sustainable production and consumption. The list is a testament to the incredible community of climate technology leaders working across sectors to address the challenge of our lifetimes through human ingenuity and pragmatic innovation.

At Camus, we love a challenge. The sector we’re focused on, electricity, is responsible for one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. Our team of engineers left jobs at top Silicon Valley tech companies to address decarbonization by helping transform humanity’s largest machine, the grid, from a top source of emissions to a driver of climate solutions. This transformation requires two crucial and intertwined steps: electrify everything and decarbonize the grid. Camus is focused on supporting both, preparing grid operators to reliably serve an influx of demand and accelerating the interconnection of zero-carbon generation. Our software empowers utilities with the data and orchestration capabilities to maintain reliability and boost affordability during this rapid and unprecedented evolution. 

In the five years since our founding, Camus has come a long way, partnering with thoughtful, pragmatic utilities to deliver real results. Today we’re deployed at full grid-scale with utilities serving more than 2 million homes and businesses. These utilities are operating more efficiently, optimizing capital expenditures, expanding customer offerings, boosting reliability, and cutting emissions. Last year, Camus’ utilities avoided 28,944 metric tons of CO2 through shifting generation to local zero-carbon renewable resources. As our utility partners expand demand flexibility programs alongside investments in renewable generation, we expect this number to grow rapidly. Importantly, we’re supporting a transition that is community-led, incorporating local solar and flexibility from customer-owned devices like electric vehicles to reduce emissions.  

None of this would be possible without the resources provided by incredible investors like Congruent Ventures. I’d encourage anyone interested in the clean energy transition to explore the Impact Report to learn how leaders across industries are addressing this climate challenge. Like the grid itself, the climate technology community is a vast, distributed network of separate but interconnected solutions. Together we’re powering a brighter future.

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