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Who We Are

We are distributed systems people.

With deep experience designing and operating software at Google, SpaceX and Uber. Now it’s time to use those skills in the fight against climate change.

We are passionate about going to the source by building a zero emissions grid through massively parallel cloud computing, high-scale real-time analytics, and high-reliability computing.

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astrid from camus in a solar field with utility representatives


Our mission is to build the grid management platform for the zero-carbon future.

The existing grid is one of humanity’s largest machines, and keeping it running safely and smoothly is critical to modern life. As we electrify everything and decarbonize the grid, the physical infrastructure of today's grid is the platform that connects supply, demand, and customer flexibility. Tomorrow's grid needs to be smarter, more resilient, and more dynamic to power a green future. We founded Camus Energy to bring world-class software engineering to the fight for a livable planet.


Everything we do is guided by our Values.

Build the world you want to live in

We are here to decarbonize the grid with technical expertise and a bold vision. We bring everything we’ve got to our mission so we can usher in the energy transition and fulfill the mission of the grid as a public good.

Be good energy

Integrity is the sum of our everyday actions. That means acting with respect, thoughtfulness, and honesty — and following through on our commitments. That energy is how we build trusting relationships with our customers and each other.

Distribute power

We share our power because we achieve more when we work together as a team, with our customers and with each other. A successful system works for everyone.

Drive the transformation through excellence

Our work impacts the lives of others, and we take that responsibility seriously. We know that excellence is a result of pragmatic preparation and that innovation means taking risks. We plan carefully, learn from experience, and partner with our customers to drive transformational change quickly and safely.

Bring your superpowers

The grid is inclusive by design. We cherish unique, diverse perspectives and lived experiences in each other and the people we serve. Because bold ideas come from self-expression and innovation comes from thinking differently.

Play the long game

The ultimate outcome of our work depends on what we do every day. Realizing any big goal takes a series of small, practical steps. We know that real change requires the work of many hands, and find joy in the everyday struggle of tackling one of humanity’s biggest challenges.


Camus Energy was founded with an audacious question:

What if we took all that we've learned and brought it to the fight against climate change?

With experience solving some of the world’s most complex systems challenges for Google, SpaceX, and Uber, we realized the best way to create transformational change and combat the climate crisis was to bring our expertise building software to the electric utilities on the front lines.

We're leveraging the technology that built the cloud to re-envision how the grid itself is managed - using a data-first, massive-scale software and systems approach to monitor, manage, and monetize the distributed grid of the future.

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