Cut costs and safely integrate DERs with real-time visibility and control.

Better serve your community.

Our orchestration software empowers electric cooperatives and municipal utilities to provide their communities with affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity.

Respond to member-driven initiatives.

Invest in community-owned resources.

Confidently plan for the future.

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Reduce energy costs with local renewable supply and load flexibility.

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Manage EV integration and renewable generation with software-enabled flexibility.


Achieve decarbonization in tandem with cost and reliability goals.

Think Local

Reduce energy costs with local resources.

Optimize your power supply mix and cut peak costs by calling upon local energy resources.

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Reliable Renewables

Armed with real-time monitoring and device control, confidently invest in local renewable generation to lower bills and boost community resilience.

Demand-side Flexibility

Use distributed energy resources to reduce costly peak charges, defer distribution upgrades, and improve power quality.


Empower your team.

Situational Awareness

Better manage change with real-time loading and voltage at all points on your grid, including data directly from members' devices.

AI-Powered Forecasting

Predict renewable generation, DER behavior, net loads, and more with machine learning-driven forecasts.

Grid-Aware Control

Use DERs to support your grid with a DERMS that incorporates physical and contractual constraints into dynamic operating envelopes.

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Enable access to markets.

Offer opportunities for community members to earn revenue by providing grid services in wholesale and local markets.

ISO Market Participation

Deploy aggregations of distributed energy resources into wholesale markets, creating avenues for members to earn.

Local Markets

Develop and procure services from local resources, such as ramping support, voltage management, and load shifting.

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White Paper Series

The Rise of Local Grid Management

What does the DSO of the future look like? And how can electric cooperatives and municipal utilities lead this change? Check out our white papers to find out how.

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Kit Carson Electric Coop

$10M+ annual savings and enhanced visibility.

When Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) announced the ambitious goal of achieving 100% daytime solar by the end of 2022, they needed to improve visibility and control over grid assets to effectively scale up renewable capacity.

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