How Utilities Can Ensure The Grid Is Ready For Electric Vehicles

Hear leaders from Duquesne Light Company, Connexus Energy, General Motors, and Camus discuss how to ensure the grid is prepared for EVs without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion with key actors trying to solve the EV puzzle. Watch the recording now.


ABOUT the Webinar

Preparing for an electrified future

With the forecasted growth of electric vehicles and an already-aging grid, forward-thinking utilities understand that they need a plan for managing EV adoption. To ensure reliable and affordable integration of electric vehicles onto the grid, forward-looking utilities are taking action.

In this webinar, listen as leaders from investor-owned and cooperative utilities, a major EV manufacturer, and a leading grid orchestration software provider share how the broader ecosystem can work together to make EV adoption a success.


  • Kathy Knoop, Manager of EV Grid Integration Solutions, General Motors
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cook, Director of Advanced Grid Solutions and Grid Modernization, Duquesne Light Company
  • Chris Punt, Supervisor - Distribution Engineering and Planning, Connexus Energy
  • Justin Partee, Sales Manager, Connexus Energy
  • Dylan Cutler, Head of Product, Camus Energy
Event poster: EV webinar on Tuesday, May 16th at 12pm. How Utilities Can Ensure The Grid Is Ready for EVs.


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