The new era of member-G&T collaboration.

Get the scoop on DERs

Coordinate DERs to better serve your members.

See behind the curtain with aggregated load and DER data at each substation, then coordinate distributed resources to lower supply costs and achieve community goals.

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Lower Costs

Use DERs to reduce peak demand and shift net load out of high-cost periods.

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Promote Electrification

Help co-ops safely and affordably integrate EVs and smart appliances.

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Tap demand-side flexibility to balance the intermittency of renewables.

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The new frontier of G&T capabilities.

Distribution-Level Visibility

Gain visibility into distribution-level loads and resources below each substation, including distributed generation, DER behavior, and available flexibility.

Coordinated DER Dispatch

Collaborate across members to optimize use of DERs at the system level, instead of dispatching resources to shift costs to other members.

DER Ops Support for Members

Provide member co-ops with tools to better manage real-time operations, including visibility of voltage and loading at any point from the substation to behind-the-meter.


Grid-Aware DERMS

Serve system-wide needs while respecting distribution-level constraints with technology designed for a dynamic grid.

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Grid Awareness

Safely and efficiently operate DERs with real-time distribution visibility and device-specific, dynamic hosting capacity.

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Powered by AI

Harness machine learning and proxy models to quickly forecast, constrain, and orchestrate across millions of member devices.


Learn how G&Ts can use DERs to delight member co-ops

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