Enable customer participation in grid support with superior awareness and control.

Expand capabilities with real-time situational awareness.

Evolve your grid operations for the distributed energy future.

Integrate high-volume telemetry across millions of data sources.

Provide pricing and market incentives for customer resource grid participation.

Coordinate with multiple ISOs and aggregators.

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Protect your critical data with comprehensive cybersecurity.

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Manage real-time grid conditions with always-on software.

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Orchestrate millions of assets with the power of cloud computing.

Enhance existing TELEMETRY

Integrate grid data with third-party telemetry

Seamlessly merge internal utility data with third-party DER telemetry to create a holistic view of your grid.

Unified Platform

View and manage all grid assets on a single interface with high confidence, even with less-than-perfect communications and data.

Enhanced Forecasting

Gain enhanced visibility to past, current, and future grid conditions, informed by real world data including voltage profiles, transformer loads, demand profiles and DER performance.

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Unlock the value of community resources.

Monetize the untapped potential of DERs by creating local markets and incentive programs that enable customers to participate.

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DER Flexibility Markets

Increase reliability and manage intermittency by implementing local markets and programs that compensate customers for active demand response and flexible grid support.

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Public Dashboards

Use online dashboards to keep customers informed and engaged by sharing grid conditions and showcasing participation opportunities.


Manage local resource participation in bulk markets.

Confidently monitor and manage the participation of distributed energy resources in wholesale markets with real-time data from third-party devices.

ISO/RTO Visibility

Enable transmission operators to assess and monitor distribution-level impacts of DER dispatch.

Scheduling Coordination

Integrate planned dispatch of DERs for transmission needs into grid state forecasts to avoid operational conflicts.

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