Load Serving Entities

Advance community energy management with enhanced situational awareness.

Accelerate decarbonization and consumer choice.

With integrated visibility and forecasts, LSEs can confidently pursue investments in local renewable solutions and offer new avenues for customer participation — ensuring the energy supply is affordable, resilient, and inclusive.

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Confidently reduce costs and bolster reliability with renewable generation.


Boost community resilience with load flexibility and local generation.

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Enable community members to participate in wholesale markets.


Accelerate community decarbonization.

Strengthen decarbonization initiatives by assessing performance and sharing progress with your community.

Carbon Assessment

Integrate data for utility-scale generation, distributed generation, and customer load to estimate the community’s carbon footprint.

Electrification Programs

Analyze and track customer energy usage to create electrification programs and track results in real time.


Manage cost and equity.

Incorporate more local resources into your power supply.

Affordable Renewables

Forecast local demand and generation to enable greater use of low-cost renewable supply.

Supply Coordination

Expand procurement to wholesale markets, lowering supply costs and creating new avenues for customer engagement.

Community-Level Insights

Leverage integrated data to gain new insights about community member behavior and needs.


Improve resilience with situational awareness.

Ensure your community stays safe during grid outages and natural disasters.

Informed Investments

Identify high-impact resilience investments to keep critical facilities powered and vulnerable community members safe.  

Data-driven Modeling

Integrate billing and third-party data with simulations to forecast the impact of potential outages for at-risk customers.

Clear Communication

Keep your community up to date with prompt, detailed information during disasters and grid events.

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