Take control of a changing grid.

With SAP Cloud for Energy integration, Camus' utility customers can pay local device owners for their help in supporting the grid.
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The billing nexus for a transactive grid

SAP’s Cloud for Energy syncs real-time device telemetry captured by Camus with meter data to accurately measure DER performance and integrate into a utility's existing billing workflow.

Grid management for the next-gen utility

By enabling real-time visibility and control of both customer and utility devices, we're giving utilities the tools to manage change.

Man at computer looking at a mockup of Camus software.

A no regrets choice for utilities with SAP.

Deliver value at the meter with SAP’s world class meter, billing, and analysis tools.

Gain real-time operational visibility and grid-aware DER management with Camus.

Lower energy costs and deploy DERs for flexibility and resilience.

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Start your community energy transformation.