Peak Management

Reduce peak system costs by orchestrating DERs

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Rising peak power costs

Utilities are spending more and more each year to procure and deliver power during the highest-demand hours. From increasing wholesale prices to greater spending on maintaining an aging grid, utilities of all sizes are feeling upward pressure on rates.  

The rise of controllable smart devices like EV chargers, home batteries, and rooftop solar systems could exacerbate this problem – or help solve it.

If distribution utilities can anticipate peak demand periods and use flexible loads to shift consumption off-peak, many can defer expensive investments and save millions in lower peak demand charges from generation and transmission providers.

Camus' Solution

Peak Forecasting + DER Orchestration

Our Approach

Our Approach 

Camus’ AI-powered software puts the control into your hands by providing accurate data-driven peak forecasts and empowering you to orchestrate groups of customer devices to reduce peak demand. We integrate AMI data, historical and real-time distributed generation, and third-party weather data with proven machine learning techniques to forecast the likelihood of a coincident peak occurring for every hour of the month. 

When a peak demand event is predicted, our platform lets you schedule the dispatch of aggregated DERs and adjust instructions as conditions change.


What you can do with it.

Lower coincident demand charges.

Predict the likelihood of an upcoming system peak and dispatch DERs to shift off-peak.

Defer expensive investments.

Instead of investing in new equipment, call on existing demand-side resources to reduce peak demand.

Strategically leverage DERs.

Schedule custom groups of utility- and member-owned DERs to provide local grid services.

Case Study

“I was able to use Camus to call a battery event in my first two weeks on the job. Being able to click a button to dispatch them has allowed me to create immediate value.”

Holy Cross Energy
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Enhanced DER visibility and control.

Weather data integration

Understand historical and predicted load in the context of weather patterns like heat waves and heavy snow.

Forecast quick view

Easily view net load and forecasted net load over different time intervals.

Monthly peak demand prediction

See the likelihood of monthly peak based on historical and forecasted demand data.

Controllable resources chart

View all controllable DERs and ratio of their power capacity to total system load.

DER group load profile

Select a preset group of DERs to view their historical load profile and past event support

DER dispatch scheduling

Select a day and time that a preset group of DERs will be called upon for grid support.

Peak Management

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