Transformer Loading Analysis

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Increasing stress on grid transformers.

Existing utility software helps operators see what’s happening at individual substations and customer meters, but monitoring what happens in between is much more difficult. For a century, limited grid visibility worked just fine.

But as more EV chargers, home batteries, and rooftop solar systems come online, the transformers – critical “voltage managers” of your grid – can become strained and even damaged.

Without being able to quickly identify your most consistently stressed transformers, you’re stuck guessing which ones are most at risk. And with tens of thousands of distribution transformers for the average midsize utility, this can be like picking a needle out of a haystack.

Camus' Solution

Transformer Loading Analysis

Our Approach

Camus’ integrated platform enables you to ensure the long-term health of your equipment by instantly identifying highly-loaded transformers. Our software uses AMI data, GIS mapping, and third-party DER telemetry to accurately estimate loading on every distribution transformer.

Our machine learning-powered software provides an accurate view of the total loading through every single transformer by aggregating the measured and estimated net loads at every meter served.


What you can do with it.

Avoid costly transformer replacements.

Automatically identify your highest-loaded transformers and opportunities to avoid failures.

Safely manage new DER interconnections.

Evaluate potential impact of new DERs by reviewing loading over time.

Identify local voltage issues.

Review voltage at downline meters to understand nearby grid conditions.

Case Study

“A Colorado cooperative recently used Camus' software to instantly identify the highest-loaded transformers, replacing manual estimates for more than 14,000 transformers.”

Utility Dive
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Powerful analysis in a simple interface.

Google Maps integration

Put transformer locations in context with Maps, Streetview, and satellite overlays.

Load duration curve

Understand how much time a transformer spends at high (or low) loading.

Local voltage charts

See median, minimum, and maximum voltages at downline meters.

Virtual meter groups

Quickly view which downline meters are connected to each transformer.

Downline meter chart

See how each downline meter contributes a given transformer’s loading.

Export for analysis

Export data via BigQuery for additional analysis in your team’s tool of choice.

Transformer Loading Analysis

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