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Our Values: How We Work Together

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March 26, 2024

Our team is building the grid orchestration platform for the zero-carbon future. As we decarbonize our power sector, tomorrow's grid needs to be smarter, more resilient, and more dynamic. We founded Camus Energy to bring world-class software engineering to the fight for a livable planet.

How we achieve our mission matters too.

At Camus Energy, we have six company values that signal how we strive to interact with each other.  Like our mission, these values are ambitious. They serve as tools that we use to decide how we show up, what we prioritize, and what’s important to us as a company. They help us welcome new members to our team and continue to grow.

These values were defined through conversations across our team: from co-founders to engineers and interns. These discussions helped elucidate values that reflect how we work together today and our aspirations for the future. To help our team rally around these values, we held a series of all-hands and small group discussions that provided greater context regarding what each value means.

Below, we’ve included excerpts from those conversations. For future employees, customers, partners, investors, and anyone else we work alongside, we hope these values help you understand what matters to us and why.

Build the world you want to live in.

We are here to decarbonize the grid with technical expertise and a bold vision. We bring everything we’ve got to our mission so we can usher in the energy transition and fulfill the mission of the grid as a public good.

Why we chose it:

We are a mission-aligned company. That’s why most of our team is here, and we want that to be front-and-center as we move forward. At the end of the day, we want our values to connect how we work together with the impact we want to have in the world.

Be good energy.

Integrity is the sum of our everyday actions. That means acting with respect, thoughtfulness, and honesty — and following through on our commitments. That energy is how we build trusting relationships with our customers and each other.

Why we chose it:

This value reflects how we want to show up with our team, with our customers, and with our industry. Decarbonizing the grid can only be accomplished by large communities of people working together. Trusted collaboration, within our team and outside of it, is essential to our success, and being good energy is how we foster that collaboration.

Distribute power.

We share our power because we achieve more when we work together as a team, with our customers and with each other. A successful system works for everyone.

Why we chose it:

Many of the utilities we work with were created to expand access to electricity. By bringing more community members onto the grid, they drove economic development and fostered better lives. Remembering this is important.

When we think about decarbonizing the grid, a big part of our approach focuses on leveraging the connectivity that the grid itself provides. We’re looking to use the power of the grid as a network – one that’s fundamentally built to include everyone – to bring about a better energy future.

Drive transformation through excellence.

Our work impacts the lives of others, and we take that responsibility seriously. We know that excellence is a result of pragmatic preparation, and that innovation means taking risks. We plan carefully, learn from experience, and partner with our customers to drive transformational change quickly and safely.

Why we chose it:

We know that excellence is a process, not a result. It’s something we do, not something we achieve. By structuring our work with rigor and process, we can deploy creative solutions quickly and safely. Because our work impacts the wellbeing of others, it’s paramount that we pursue excellence in every part of our work.

Bring your superpowers.

The grid is inclusive by design. We cherish unique, diverse perspectives and lived experiences in each other and the people we serve. Because bold ideas come from self-expression and innovation comes from thinking differently.

Why we chose it:

Solving big problems requires diverse skillsets, perspectives, and lived experiences. But it also requires people doing the things that they do better than anyone else.

We’re building a team composed of people who bring the things they’re great at – informed by diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences – to achieve more together than we could as individuals. This means bringing your authentic self to work and using your superpowers to make all of us better.

Play the long game.

The ultimate outcome of our work depends on what we do every day. Realizing any big goal takes a series of small, practical steps. We know that real change requires the work of many hands, and we find joy in the everyday struggle of tackling one of humanity’s biggest challenges.

Why we chose it:

We have ambitious goals. Achieving those relies upon doing the work every day – and doing it in a way that’s conscious of the goals we’re striving towards.

Playing the long game is a careful balance between the need to focus on small, pragmatic changes and the need to think creatively to solve the long-term challenges.  Fortunately, we believe that creativity thrives in constraint. By engaging with real-world problems while keeping the end goal in mind, we develop the solutions that can change the world.

While understanding constraints, thinking how to solve them, backtracking when ideas fail, and continually iterating can be daunting, there’s a lot of joy to be found in that process. And working together to tackle tough but world-changing problems gives meaning to our careers.

Together, these values help explain why, even though somedays are a struggle, we wake up each morning excited to get to work.

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