Grid orchestration software for a 100% electrified future.

Camus provides high-reliability software to help utility operators and planners orchestrate electric vehicles, solar arrays, batteries and other local resources for cost savings and improved reliability.

Results-driven utilities trust Camus.

Use Cases

Tackle today's challenges with confidence.

DER Orchestration

Monitor, forecast, and control distributed energy resources with a grid-aware and vendor-agnostic DERMS for utility operators.

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VPP Coordination

Engage third-party virtual power plants alongside utility-managed DERs in a single shared interface for power supply managers.

EV Management

Mitigate the hyperlocal impacts of electric vehicles with integrated visibility and managed charging for utility planners and operators.


Your grid made stronger with local resources.

Manage and plan for local energy resource impacts with software for grid-aware monitoring, control, and analysis.

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See what's happening

Monitor local grid conditions

See direct-from-device telemetry

Forecast net load at every meter

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Prepare for the future

Analyze hosting capacity

Simulate DER impacts

Map voltage for every point

Take action

Reduce peak demand

Manage voltage

Lower carbon emissions

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Customer Impact

Deliver the outcomes your customers care about

Bill savings

Holy Cross Energy is partnering with members to lower bills by $X million via peak demand reduction and higher local solar generation.

Faster electrification

La Plata Electric Association is speeding up electrification with increased visibility and control of local resource impacts.

Local resilience

Ensure your community stays safe during grid outages and natural disasters.


Maximize use of zero-carbon generation and increase available hosting capacity.

Who We Serve

We equip grid operators with the tools they need to orchestrate an increasingly complex grid.

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Serve the evolving goals of members by cutting costs and safely integrating distributed energy resources through real-time visibility and control.

Co-op and Muni solutions
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Lay the foundation for Distribution System Operations with integrated visibility and management of resources on both sides of the meter.

IOU solutions
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Generation & Transmission Providers

Usher in a new era of member-G&T collaboration by coordinating dispatch of distributed resources to serve both local and system-wide needs.

G&T solutions
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Harness the resources in your community.

Camus is your software partner for orchestrating EVs, solar systems, batteries, and more. Chat with our team to learn how utilities are managing DERs and discuss the right path for you.