DER orchestration software for a 100% electrified future.

Camus provides high-reliability software to help utility operators and planners orchestrate electric vehicles, solar arrays, batteries and other DERs for cost savings and grid support.

Results-driven utilities trust Camus.

Use Cases

Tackle today's challenges with confidence.

EV readiness

Prepare for EV adoption without breaking the grid or the bank via EV mapping and managed charging.


Orchestrate DERs to lower operating costs through integrated forecasting and automated load shifting.

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Flexible interconnections

Accelerate interconnection of distribution-connected solar and battery storage with rapid, data-driven interconnection analyses.


Your grid made stronger with local resources.

Manage and plan for local energy resource impacts with software for grid-aware monitoring, control, and analysis.

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See what's happening

Direct-from-device telemetry

DER and net load forecasting

Upline equipment monitoring

Manage grid conditions

Load shifting

Voltage support

Carbon reduction

electricity growth

Prepare for the future

Hosting capacity analysis

Simulated DER impacts

Voltage mapping

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Harness the local resources on your grid.

Camus is your software partner for orchestrating EVs, solar systems, batteries, and more. Chat with our team to learn how other utilities are managing DERs and discuss the right path for you.