Take control of a changing grid.

The Camus grid management platform serves as the go-to software tool for engineering, power supply, and operations teams.
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The Camus Grid
Management Platform.

Our platform sits on top of your existing data and software tools to give your team one interface for monitoring and controlling everything on your grid.

Operator interface
Optimization and dispatch engine
Composite virtual grid model
Distributed resource telemetry
Utility and customer data foundation
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Manage the energy transition.

From monitoring and analysis to DER orchestration and local market infrastructure, we provide tools to help you serve your community.
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Real-Time Monitoring

Gain comprehensive,
data-driven visibility.

Local resource monitoring

Lower energy costs and boost resilience by integrating local resources into your power supply. Gain real-time visibility of distributed generation and flexible loads.

Voltage monitoring and alerts

Mitigate voltage deviations and avoid damage to utility equipment by monitoring voltage from the substation to meters.

Equipment search

Empower lineworkers and customer service with tools to quickly identify location, calls, and historical performance for utility equipment.

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Analytics & Forecasting

Put your data to work.

Data historian

Interrogate raw data, create custom analytics, and design dashboards with tools of your choice. Integrate AMI, GIS, SCADA, DER telemetry, and many more.

Coincident peak demand forecast

Reduce demand charges and energy costs through load shifting and local energy procurement on peak days. Inform demand response calls and maximize savings.

Substation net load forecast

Anticipate abnormal grid conditions, including backflow and transformer overloading. Strengthen forecast accuracy by incorporating DER telemetry, SCADA, and smart inferences.

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Advanced Control of Local Resources

Leverage DERs for cost, reliability, and sustainability.

Peak shaving and load shifting

Reduce system costs, avoid overstressing equipment, and maximize zero-carbon generation with control of distributed energy resources.

Backflow prevention

Avoid outages and fines by preventing backflow when distributed generation exceeds load. Soak up excess generation or curtail via direct control of smart inverters.

Voltage management

Manage circuit-level voltages dispatching smart inverters, charging batteries, or adjusting EV charging behavior with direct control of customer devices.

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SCHEDULING & Markets Infrastructure

Engage customers in a local energy community.

Schedule coordination

Identify and procure the lowest cost resource mix by comparing forecasts for net load and expected generation with available options to fill gaps.

Wholesale market participation

Safely manage the participation of DERs in wholesale markets via aggregations. Coordinate between the utility, aggregators, and the ISO.

Local markets infrastructure

Lower systems costs and manage local network constraints by tapping DERs for grid support. Dispatch resources with infrastructure for bidding, optimization, and settlement.

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Who We Serve

We equip grid operators to orchestrate an increasingly complex grid.

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Serve the evolving goals of members by cutting costs and safely integrating distributed energy resources through real-time visibility and control.

Co-op and Muni solutions
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Lower operating costs, identify high-value investments, and transition to a low-carbon grid using a platform that actively engagements distributed energy resources.

IOU solutions
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Generation & Transmission Providers

Foster a new era of member-G&T collaboration by coordinating dispatch of distributed resources to serve both local and system-wide needs.

G&T solutions
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