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Advanced visibility and control for the changing grid.

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The grid is evolving rapidly. New tools are needed to manage it.

With Camus' software platform, utilities and energy providers can leverage integrated grid, customer, and device data to provide situational awareness and advanced control. This provides operators with the tools to manage grid conditions, lower energy costs, and engage their communities.

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View all your data in one place.

See real-time grid conditions in a map-based interface.

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Assess data across regions, data sources, and time scales.

Track custom goals.

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Orchestrate DERs as flexible assets for grid support.

Access bulk and local markets.

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Unparalleled situational awareness and control.

Camus’ grid management platform leverages proven artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to provide the real-time grid visibility and advanced control needed to successfully navigate a complex and dynamic grid environment.


Real-time grid visibility, all in one place.

Seamless data integration

Our virtual grid model stitches together data from utility, customer and third-party sources to create a holistic grid view, including voltage profiles, customer behavior, and weather effects.

Map-based interface

View a snapshot of your entire grid or zoom in to see meter-level details. Stack layers to monitor transmission and distribution lines, substations, distributed generation, meters, and customer resources on a fully configurable map.

Actionable alerts for problem conditions

Quickly identify potential problems, verify against multiple data sources, and respond more quickly to grid issues.

Model-based analysis

Our data engine enhances visibility by using observed inputs and smart inferences to fill situational awareness gaps and estimate rooftop solar generation and local net demand.

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AI-powered data management.

Data visualization

Assess customer behavioral patterns, device impacts and system-level characteristics across regions, data sources, and time scales.

Power supply analytics

Examine net demand with distributed solar now-casts and integrated load and generation forecasts.

Intelligent optimization

Policy-based automation enables operators to define outcomes and switch between modes, such as optimizing for local resilience during a storm and for system costs and decarbonization under normal operation.

Custom goal tracking

Easily track your progress toward custom goals based on system costs, decarbonization, local resource investments, and more.


Asset orchestration and community engagement.

Distributed resource management

Convert variable DERs into flexible grid assets by aggregating and calling upon them for load shifting, voltage support, and other grid services.

Access bulk and local markets

Enable resource owners to participate in wholesale and local markets. Easily manage and settle transactions.

Public dashboards

Drive customer and member engagement by creating new communication channels and sharing local program and grid support opportunities.



Grid management made easy.

Optimize operations.

Assess and monitor real-time conditions.

Hasten response to unexpected events.

Orchestrate demand-side resources for grid-wide support

Manage costs.

Lower supply costs with more renewables.

Harness flexible load as supply.

Reduce peak demand.

Boost resilience.

Protect assets with modern cybersecurity.

Diagnose operational risks and impacts.

Leverage real-time visibility during emergencies.


Interconnect renewables faster.

Balance intermittent generation with storage and flexible loads.

Monitor decarbonization progress.

Who We Serve

We are on a mission to equip grid operators with the tools they need to navigate tomorrow’s complex grid.

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Serve the evolving goals of members by cutting costs, optimizing operations, and integrating local renewables and flexibility with visibility and control.

Co-op and Muni solutions
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Investor-Owned Utilities

Enhance situational awareness and boost customer engagement with integrated visibility and management of resources on both sides of the meter.

IOU solutions
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Load Serving

Leverage comprehensive customer data to reach decarbonization and consumer choice goals with low-cost renewable energy.

LSE solutions
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