See how EVs, Solar, & DERs are impacting your grid in just 10 weeks

10 weeks

A 10-week starter kit for co-ops to analyze DER impacts and inform DER management strategies.

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Identify where EVs are charging using existing meter data

Locate up to 80% of installed electric vehicle chargers (5 kW+) that are not enrolled in a utility program through Camus’ machine learning approach. Associate EV chargers with upline meters and transformers to better monitor your grid.

EV charging in garage

Monitor local solar without production meters

Using interconnection records and NOAA weather data, view distributed solar generation for every installed PV system on your network.

  • No production meters required
  • Solar generation modeled via NOAA data
  • Aggregated at each transformer
Home with rooftop solar + overlay of chart with and without PV visibility
Transformer with overlay of transformer loading spikes.

Understand DER impacts on upline transformers

Protect equipment and avoid unexpected outages with monitoring of aggregated load and downline PV generation impacts at upline service transformers.

  • View aggregate AMI plus downline Solar & EV data
  • Compare loading to equipment ratings (kVA)
  • Identify transformer overloading and backfeed

There’s no time to wait

Adoption of electric vehicles, rooftop solar, battery storage, generators, and smart thermostats has increased 400% since 2020 and is only speeding up.

The time is now to learn how DERs are impacting your grid.


Take the no-regrets step to prepare for a DER-centric grid


Better data, better decisions

Communicating a thoughtful strategy to your board and members is important. Arm your team with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Tailored to your community

Every co-op’s network is different. Our platform is tailored to your grid, ensuring you gain insights that you can put into action.

It’s amazing how quickly the Camus team pulled together our data. With the ability to see DER and AMI data aggregated across our grid, we now understand the impact of DER growth on our infrastructure. Camus is a key partner informing our strategy for how to engage member resources.
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Cyril Brunner, Innovation & Technology Lead
Vermont Electric Cooperative

Grid awareness for only $1 per meter

(starts at $20K with a $45K maximum)

Pay a one-time fee ($1 per meter) for a comprehensive grid analysis showcasing DER impacts, up to a maximum of $45,000. Want to have your data continuously updated? Pay the same amount quarterly for always-on data flows for AMI, GIS, and DER data.

Starter kit pricing. Shows 20,000 meters for $20K. 45,000 meters for $45K. 100,000 meters for $45K.
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Why should we analyze DER impacts if we don't have many DERs?

As co-op leaders know better than anyone, protecting reliability and affordability are paramount. With members electrifying their homes and businesses, new reliability challenges like transformer overloading and local backfeed are arising on the distribution grid – and warning bells come in the form of outages or power quality issues. Waiting for these warning bells is waiting too long.

Investing in awareness of DER impacts today provides your team with the information they need to make informed decisions about how to engage member DERs, where to efficiently invest in new infrastructure, and how to lower the costs of a changing grid. This program offers a no-regrets approach to uncover current challenges and prepare for the future.

What’s included in the starter kit?

The Starter Kit provides a snapshot of DER impacts on your grid, leveraging 2-years of historical AMI data, a snapshot of current GIS information, and any available DER interconnection records. You’ll gain access to a version of Camus’ grid orchestration software platform, which you can access any time (for up to 3 months) and export data for use in other tools. A virtual training session is provided for unlimited team members.

Also included is a 1-hour workshop to review DER impacts with Camus experts, discuss your co-op’s goals and concerns, and develop a forward-looking vision for engaging member resources.

How much does this cost?

The price of this program scales with the size of co-ops: $1 per meter, from a $20,000 minimum up to a $45,000 maximum. This is a one-time fee for the program, with the option to move to ongoing support at any time for an annual fee.

We will collaborate with you and your team to quantify the benefits this program delivers to your members and savings to your bottom line.

What’s the timeline?

After securely receiving and validating AMI, GIS, and DER interconnection data, the platform will be made available to your team within 10 weeks. This includes time for troubleshooting of data ingestion, clarification of data fields, and onboarding training for your team. 

The platform and data will remain available to your team for 3 months, including the ability to export aggregated data (e.g. AMI loading at each transformer, cumulative solar generation, etc.).

How much time is needed from our team?

5-15 hours. The primary method of support required from your team is the preparation of required AMI, GIS, and DER data – along with support clarifying data fields during ingestion into our platform. This typically includes a co-op’s IT team and/or GIS leads. Other time commitments include the virtual onboarding for users and the 1-hour workshop to review DER impacts.

Can I speak with references?

Absolutely. We are proud to partner with leading cooperatives across the country. To speak with a reference, please contact us and request a “Starter Kit” reference.

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