RE+ | SEP 19 - SEP 22

Zero-Carbon Grid Orchestration

With Camus, utilities quickly, safely, and affordably integrate renewable generation and DERs.

Meet the Camus team
LIVE AT RE+ 2022

AI for Batteries and Solar: Camus on the RE+ Stage

Hear from our CTO Cody and COO Michael on stage at RE+

Saving Money with a Crystal Ball: Forecast-Driven Battery Orchestration for Coincident Peak Management
Learn how utilities are using batteries and AI-powered forecasting to reduce demand during coincident peaks.

Putting AI to Work: Applications for Unmetered Solar and Grid Visibility
Explore how machine learning can be used to fill crucial data gaps for utilities and enable a cooperative to reliably operate a grid with 100% daytime solar.


What does Camus' platform look like in action?

“Camus’ platform is an orchestrator. It allows you to dispatch DERs and provides awareness of grid conditions to inform those dispatches.”

Chris Bilby, Research Engineer, Holy Cross Energy

“With Camus and Guzman, we’re proving that a grid running nearly 100% on renewable energy is possible.”

Luis Reyes Jr., CEO, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative

“Camus was founded to transform how our electric grids are managed – enabling the shift from centralized, fossil fuel resources to local, zero-carbon resources.”

Astrid Atkinson, CEO, Camus Energy


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