Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange | Sep 26 - 29

Orchestrating DERs for Colorado co-ops.

We help forward-thinking utilities leverage local renewables and distributed energy resources to unlock the full potential of your grid.

Meet Camus at RMUE

Explore the evolving utility business model

With the adoption of electric vehicles, rooftop solar systems, and smart appliances, the role of the utility consumer is evolving. Now capable of providing services to support local grid operations, consumers are gradually emerging as important partners for their local distribution utility.

In this session, we explore how Holy Cross Energy, a cooperative utility, is adapting its business model to treat members as partners.


What does Camus' platform look like in action?

“Camus’ platform is an orchestrator. It allows you to dispatch DERs and provides awareness of grid conditions to inform those dispatches.”

Chris Bilby, Research Engineer, Holy Cross Energy

“With Camus and Guzman, we’re proving that a grid running nearly 100% on renewable energy is possible.”

Luis Reyes Jr., CEO, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative

“Camus was founded to transform how our electric grids are managed – enabling the shift from centralized, fossil fuel resources to local, zero-carbon resources.”

Astrid Atkinson, CEO, Camus Energy


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