Unlocking Feeder-Level Capacity Management with Grid Orchestration

Join leaders from PPL, TRC Companies, and Camus Energy as they discuss how to orchestrate local resource flexibility for feeder-level capacity management.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion with key actors shaping the transition to a dynamic, distributed grid.

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ABOUT the Webinar

Managing load growth through orchestration

With electricity loads forecasted to grow at a record pace, forward-thinking utilities are looking to serve more load from their existing infrastructure by harnessing local resource flexibility.

In this webinar, representatives from a leading investor-owned utility, a technology consulting firm, and an orchestration software provider share how distribution operators can use emerging technologies to harness local resources and manage network capacity in real-time.


  • Jim Conrad, Director of Grid & Pipeline Innovation, PPL Corporation
  • Adam Light, VPP & DERMS Practice Lead, TRC Companies
  • Astrid Atkinson, CEO & Co-Founder, Camus Energy
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